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Directory of Health Administration Master's Degree Programs

The following masters degrees in health administration are available to earn online:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Administrators

What exactly is a Master in Health Administration?

Health administrators

A person with a masters of health administration is placing themselves in a position to be a leader in the healthcare field. With a master in healthcare administration, one can pursue a career in a variety of health management positions. A master of health administration will give students a solid foundation in management, administrative, health care, and medical knowledge.

What are the different types of degrees in this field?

In order to pursue this degree, one should have already acquired at least an associates or bachelors degree. Priorexperience in the health care field is beneficial, but not necessarily required for every degree program. Previous degrees should have ideally been obtained in business (management, finance, etc.) or the medical field. Once this requirement has been met, there are many different programs for health administration career tracks.

  • Master of Public Health: An MPH degree program will usually require two years to complete, andinvolves a curriculum focused on a variety of important areas such as public health policy, management, and health informatics.
  • Masters of Health Administration (MHA): A general MHA degree is perfect for students who haven't decided on a specific area of focus for healthcare, or would like to work in an administrative role with a wide range of responsibilities. Programs typically take two years to complete and provide students with the opportunity to learn various business and medical skills. These skills will prepare students to be leaders in their respective health care organizations.
  • MBA in Healthcare: A Masters of Business Administration with a specialization in Healthcare is great for persons who will be focused on the business side of running a health care organizations. This degree typically entails many classes on management, marketing, and other general business courses, all from the healthcare field perspective. Those who may be interested in helping to manage hospitals, clinics, or offices may find this degree to be highly beneficial.
  • MS in Health Communications: As new technologies are developed, and communication becomes easier, this degree will have even more value. Prospective students interested in learning about communications, marketing, and technology through the lense of health care should consider this two-year degree program.
  • MS - Healthcare Administration: This degree program generally takes around two years to complete, and is geared towards those persons who are interested in obtaining a leadership position in a health care organization. Getting a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration entails coursework in management, public health policy, health sciences, and more.
  • MHA - Gerontology: A Master of Health Administration with a specialization in Gerontology is geared towards persons interested in treating the elderly. This program requires the completion of many general MHA degree classes, but contains coursework in healthcare for the elderly. Some programs also contain instruction in elderly care centers management.

What is the average salary of a Health Care Administrator?

Health Care Administrators have advanced skills, and can therefore obtain highly competitive salaries. Salary figures vary with respect to different healthcare organizations, with larger health organizations often offering higher wages. Salaries for someone who has an MHA degree generally fall between $62,170 and $104,120 yearly. The median salary for a medical and health service manager hovers around $80,000. As always, depending on individual skills, one can make significantly more than this.More info.

What schools offer degrees for a Master in Health Administration?

A wide variety of high quality academic institutions are available for those interested in obtaining a masters of health administration degree. Some schools give students the option to select a specific specialization, while others only offer general degree programs designed to give students a wide array of skills and knowledge. Some of these schools include:

  • Boston University: This traditional brick and mortar institution has an excellent online programs for healthcare professionals interested in pursuing their masters. The MS in Health Communication is emphasizes communication skills from a business perspective within the healthcare field.
  • Walden University: Walden offers students two excellent choices for master's degrees in health care. Walden students can pursue a General MHA, or a Master of Public Health degree program.
  • Kaplan University: Kaplan is one of the most popular online schools in existence today. Kaplan students are able to choose from a wide variety of degrees in this field including; Master of Healthcare Administration, Master of Public Health - Public Health Program Development, MBA in Health Care Management, MS in Management - Health Care,and an MS in Nursing - Nurse Administration.
  • University of Missouri: Being a Mizzou Tiger while pursuing a degree in health administration is quite the honor for many. The University of Missouri offers programs in Medical and Health Administration with a focus on Administration Services.
  • University of Phoenix: The University of Phoenix offers several well regarded programs for aspiring health administrators such as; General MHA, MHA - Gerontology, MHA - Health Edication, and MHA - Health Informatics.
  • University of North Texas: Denton, Texas is home to this fantastic university. This school offers two exceptional medical and health administration programs; Health Care Administrative Services, and Health Care Facilities Administration.
  • Golden Gate University: Beautiful San Francisco is home to this lesser-known, but excellent, university. Students interested in earning an MHA would benefit from considering this schools Health Care Administration Services specialization.
  • Ohio University: The online MHA program offered by Ohio University is highly respected in the field. OU's program focuses on enabling students to continue to work in their career, while furthering their education for potential occupational advancement and achieving their academic goals.
  • University of Chicago: Pursuing a Master of Health Administration degree while at the University of Chicago is an excellent decision given UC's illustious history. Chicago's MHA program excels in utilizing the schools strong ties to the health care field while education students and making sure they are prepared for all the challenges facing the industry as a whole.
  • The University of Washington: UW offers many accredited and respected programs in health services administration. Students can work towards earning their MHA, Executive Master's, or even a Certificate.

What kinds of financial aid are available for schools offering MHA degrees?

If a student can demonstrate appropriate need, then there are many financial aid options available. Any student applying to a college should fill out a FAFSA form, as well as do research to see what other financial aid and awards are available. Because healthcare administration is such an important, and growing, field, there are many different scholarships and grants that students can apply for. For example, The Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) plethora of scholarships available to students. They include; the Corris Boyd Scholars Program, Bugbee Book Award, ACHE-Sponsered Scholarships, MGMA-Sponsored Scholarships, and HIMSS-Spondered Scholarships. There are also a health scholarships for medical and public health degrees available to qualified minority candidates. Extensive research is a great way to learn more about any potential financial aid options. More info about MHA scholarships and grants.

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