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One of the best ways to advance in a gerontology career is to go back to school for a master’s degree. Students do not have to become a doctor or advanced practice nurse. However, another option students can consider is to get their masters in health administration, or MHA, with a specialization in gerontology. This type of degree prepares students to work in a leadership role in their field.

Many students who graduate with a master’s degree in gerontology go on to work in nursing homes and assisted living centers, but many types of health care facilities hire workers who have specialized on gerontology. This is a career area in high demand of workers, as modern medicine is helping us living longer and the Baby Boomer generation is reaching their twilight years.

With an MHA, students learn not just about senior citizen care, but about the special challenges that go into administration for this group of patients. There are actually a number of laws specific to running a senior care facility that students cover in their master’s degree course. Students also work through hands-on ethics exercises and learn about the latest technologies designed to keep gerontology departments and facilities running smoothly.

A MHA prepares students to act as the leader of a team, to be a manager, consultant, or even top-level administrator. Many students who graduate with MHA degrees in gerontology go on to be vice presidents, CEOs, financial administrators, or other leaders in healthcare facility. Students also have the option of working in education, activities, research, health insurance, or medical manufacturing and sales. With an MHA in gerontology, students have a number of job options. If students are already working for a healthcare company, they may even be able to go back to school for free. Many employers offer tuition assistance incentives to employees willing to get an advanced degree in the field.

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