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A masters in health education or master in administration (MHA) with a concentration in education can help students advance in the healthcare industry in a teach role. With this type of degree students can work as an adjunct professor, teaching academics, as an educator within a hospital or health care facility to train other employees, or as a representative to the public, teaching classes on topics such as CPR, first aid, alcohol dependence, sexual health, and contagious disease prevention.

Although every master’s degree program is different, some of the common course topics that are covered in health education programs include curriculum preparation, leadership, student assessment and evaluation, learning strategies, and communication. Upon graduation, students can work at hospitals, colleges and universities, public health companies, clinics, or any number of other types of healthcare employers.

A career in health education is not for everyone. Students may be required to work long hours, travel, and take continuing education classes on an annual basis. Students also have to deal with students, some of which might present challenges, such as learning disabilities or no motivation to learn the course content.

However, a career in health education can also be extremely rewarding. Students could help staff members perform their jobs better or prevent major health problems, such as the spread of contagious disease. While students are not directly working to treat patients, they are doing their hand to ensure that everyone is trained properly to treat patients or to avoid medical problems at home.

In order to participate in a master’s degree program in the field of health education, students need to hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Many programs also require that students are licensed or certified in a health-related field and have experience working in this industry, but requirements vary from program to program.

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