Top 25 Dot-Edu Resources for Health Administrators

by admin on June 13, 2011

The need for health care is expected to increase over the next two decades. Indeed, health care administrators will be in demand in order to help keep the system running as smoothly as possible. Having the right knowledge to be an effective administrator is essential. You should have an understanding of what’s happening with electronic health records, as well as understand health care regulatory laws, like HIPAA and the new health care reform law.

The Internet can be a great source of information that can be useful for health administrators. There are a number of resources online, from reputable sources, that can be used by health administrators as they perform their duties. Here are 25 great, reliable dot-edu resources of use:

General Resources

You can find information about health administration, as well as hints, policy examples and more. Great knowledge on topics that can be helpful.

  1. Health Services Administration: Resources related to health administration. Includes dictionaries, handbooks and more, as well as links to useful databases and journal articles.
  2. Health Administration Toolkit: Learn more about different regulations related to health administration. Get access to different resources, including journals, as well as medical images, and statistical sources.
  3. UMUC Guide to Health Care Administration Resources: You can get health care administration headlines from news media sources, as well as information from other sources. Plenty of helpful information.
  4. Health Systems Administration Resource Guide: Find links to information about different health systems so that you can learn about them. Resource guide links for different health fields, as well as international health.
  5. Health Administration Library Resources: A helpful page of resources, including CINAHL with full text, as well as CQ Researcher links.
  6. Government Resources for Health Administration: IUPUI offers a helpful page for those interested in health administration. Includes links to government resources that can help you learn what you need to.
  7. Health Care Administration Resources: Get links and helpful information about different professional organizations. Additionally, you can get links to information on different laws and regulations, as well as statistics.

Electronic Medica Records/Electronic Health Records

The next few years should be very interesting in terms of EMR/EHR. You can learn more about these tools, how to make the secure, and how they can help improve patient care.

  1. Electronic Medical Records Improve Quality of Care in Resource-limited Countries: This looks at the way EMR can help those in other countries. Includes links at the bottom with other resources to information about e-health.
  2. MSU Electronic Medical Records Home Page: From here you can find other resources related to a project meant to improve the use of EMR. Includes training resources and more.
  3. The eMERGE Network: Learn about this project designed to make use of EMR. Get access to resources, and learn more about the network and what it’s accomplishing.
  4. Electronic Health Records Project: Information on a health records project at the Louisiana State University. An interesting summary of EHR, and how it can help.
  5. What’s the Big Deal About Electronic Health Records?: This great overview of EHR is helpful and interesting, and includes a link to other resources related to EHR.
  6. Health Information Management Resources: A great look at the basics of health information management as it relates to EHR/EMR and other issues related to medicine in a digital age.

HIPAA, HITECH, and Other Health Laws

A look at resources related to recent legislation about health, records and technology. Learn more about these laws, and how they can be incorporated into health care.

  1. HIPAA – 49 Resources: Great access to resources related to HIPAA, including privacy standards and compliance solutions. Plenty of helpful information that can aid any health administrator.
  2. HIPAA Resource Page: Looks at the purpose of HIPAA, and looks at more information on the law. Includes links to great articles and other resources with HIPAA background, as well as compliance help.
  3. HIPAA Training and Educational Resources: A look at HIPAA and HITECH, as well as some helpful FAQs on these two laws. Helpful quizzes, and more information on policies and procedures.
  4. HITECH Survival Guide: Texas Woman’s University provides a great view of the HITECH act, including a summary, and additional resources related to this law.
  5. Health Law: This page from Texas A&M offers great resource reports on HIPAA and HITECH. This is great information to make sure that health administrators are on the right side of the law.
  6. Medical and Public Health Law Site: Get access to information about law as it relates to health. Looks at medical law, as well as public health. Great resources for those interested in making sure they do things right — for their own protection.

Health Care Reform

Not too long ago, a health care reform law was passed. As a health administrator, you need to be aware of what it contains. You will find plenty of resources that can help you learn more about the health care reform law in a way that will help you provide better information to your patients.

  1. Health Care Law Sources and Resources: Your guide to the health care reform law. Learn about the law, what’s in it, and where you can go to get even more information.
  2. CCF Resources: The Center for Children and Families at Georgetown offers a list of great resources and articles on the health care reform law as it specifically relates to children. Great information on how to implement changes.
  3. Healthcare and Healthcare Reform: You can get information on background, statistics and more related to healthcare reform. Also includes helpful hints on doing your own research and finding reputable sources of information.
  4. Glossary of Health Care and Health Care Management Terms: A very helpful resource that can help you brush up on the terminology you are likely to run into as a health administrator.
  5. Health Resources: Learn the basics of health care reform, as well as other topics related to health care and health management. A good health administrator should understand patient safety, health risk assessment, and national trends, as well as understanding FSAs and other programs.
  6. Healthcare Reform Resources: Useful resources and information related to health care reform and other health issues.

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