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by admin on February 18, 2010

Healthcare is expected to be one of the “growth” industries over the next 10 years. This is because there is a combination of continued health issues for the population, as well as the fact that an aging population (especially the baby boomers) will need increased care. Healthcare services are expected to continue to grow, and someone with training and education in a healthcare field could conceivably do quite well. A MBA in healthcare or health services management may be just the ticket. Here are 50 of the top healthcare MBA blogs that can get you headed in the right direction:

Health MBA Blogs and Blog Posts

These blogs and blog posts are specifically designed to help you with your MBA in a healthcare related field.They contain helpful information on programs, education and other related items, many of them describing the benefits associated with a healthcare MBA.

  1. Health Services Management MBA blog: Learn about different avenues in healthcare MBA, and how you can move from different fields into health management.
  2. Regis University Health Services Administration Blog: Learn about the world of the healthcare MBA, and what you need to do to be an effective administrator.
  3. MBA HealthBlog: A blog that offers news and information aimed at interesting developments in the health field for those who are managers.
  4. BusinessWeek: Offers a helpful look at MBA job prospects for those in the healthcare field. Learn how you can find a job with a MBA when other MBAs are failing.
  5. Online MBA Study: Provides a look at a healthcare MBA and healthcare management as a profession.
  6. Ivey MBA Recruiting & Admissions Blog: This post offers insight into the Ivey Centre for Health Innovation and Leadership in Canada, and the Health Sector MBA offered.
  7. National Post: There is a great story here of a doctor who received a health sector MBA. It offers helpful information that can help you in your career decision.
  8. Online Healthcare MBA & Online Masters Health: This guide to healthcare MBA, and what is required to succeed is quite helpful and informative.
  9. Medical Practice Business Blog: This offering from AllBusiness also looks at specific programs offered by different schools, including a Pocket MBA program aimed at helping physicians get a MBA in healthcare.
  10. Yale MBA for Executives Leadership in Healthcare: This blog is based on Facebook and pulls information related to a MBA in healthcare from Yale.

MBA Blogs

These blogs are aimed those wishing to obtain a MBA degree. These blogs also address healthcare MBA programs at different universities, and provide insights into the process.

  1. The MBA Insider’s Blog: This blog from the UCLA School of Management includes helpful information on becoming a MBA, including information on specializing in healthcare.
  2. EMBA Program Blog: The prestigious Wharton school offers a blog focusing on executive MBA programs, including health MBAs.
  3. mbaMission: This blog is helpful for those looking to get through the process of applying, and to learn the ins and outs of becoming a MBA.
  4. University at Buffalo – MBA Blog: Learn about earning a MBA from the inside, including issues in health and healthcare MBA.
  5. The Tulane MBA: Get an inside look at life as a MBA student at Tulane. Also includes great insight into healthcare and health MBA opportunities.
  6. Inside the London MBA: Get an inside look at London Business School in Canada. Includes student views and helpful information on different MBA paths.
  7. MBA blog: This offering from the Financial Times offers an inside look at MBA programs around the world, from the perspectives of students, and how to be a more effective student.
  8. Find MBA: A helpful blog and discussions board about MBA programs, including looking for those in healthcare management.

Health Administration Blogs

Learn firsthand what it’s like to be an administrator. Many of these positions require a healthcare MBA. Find out what it’s like in the trenches with these health administration blogs.

  1. Leading the Way to Medical Excellence: Learn about healthcare administration leadership.
  2. Todd’s Perspective: Learn about what it’s like to be the president of a private hospital.
  3. Hospital Life: This health administrator shares thoughts and helpful insights into running a hospital.
  4. Running a Hospital: The thoughts of someone who runs a hospital and has to make the tough decisions health administrators make every day.
  5. Roper on Health: Helpful and insightful look at policy, every day decisions and healthcare administration.
  6. Healing Hospitals: This was formerly Ask a Hospital President, and contains a candid look at what goes on in hospitals for health administrators.
  7. Wachter’s World: A look at hospitals, administration and more in the world of healthcare.
  8. St. Joseph’s Medical Center: Learn about life in a hospital, and get insights from a hospital administrator.
  9. Thrive: This is the blog for the Children’s Hospital in Boston. A great look at running a hospital and being a healthcare administrator.
  10. More Than Medicine: The president of Community General Hospital in Syracuse, New York, offers insights into being an administrator.
  11. Life as a Healthcare CIO: Learn about life in healthcare IT, as a special kind of health administrator.
  12. Hospital Impact: Meant to help tomorrow’s healthcare leaders be more effective.

Health Policy Blogs

As a healthcare MBA, you will need to have a good grasp of health policy. Here are some good blogs for health policy.

  1. Let’s Talk Health Care: Learn more about health policy from the interim CEO at Harvard Pilgrim.
  2. Health Care Renewal: Addresses healthcare reform and policy.
  3. Medicare News Blog: Get the inside scoop on Medicare and what’s going on with the baby boomers.
  4. The New Health Dialogue: A look at healthcare developments and interesting discussion.
  5. Health Policy and Communications Blog: Get a look inside health policy and communications. Very helpful for any healthcare MBA.
  6. Health Affairs: Get a look at healthcare policy and news.
  7. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: Provides interesting news and information about health care reform and other information of use to healthcare MBAs.
  8. Health Wonk Review: Get the best of healthcare policy and administration.
  9. The Health Care Blog: Learn about health care, and what is happening inside the world of health.
  10. Managed Care Matters: Offers insight into managed care and the administration issues that come with it.
  11. Mayo Clinic Health Policy Blog: Go in-depth into health policy and learn things of interest and help to healthcare MBA and administration.

Health Ethics and Legal Blogs

A healthcare MBA has to have a good idea of what is ethical and legal. These blogs can help you increase your ability as an administrator.

  1. Health Care Organizational Ethics: A great look at ethics in healthcare organizations.
  2. Global Bioethics Blogs: Tackles issues related to medical and health ethics on a global scale.
  3. Medical Ethics Blog: Get a look inside the world of ethics.
  4. PredictER News: Looks at medical and health ethics, and addresses headlines in the field.
  5. Practical Ethics: A look at the application of ethics in business and in healthcare.
  6. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma: An insider’s look at the intersection of ethics and healthcare fields.
  7. HealthBlawg: Offers a helpful look inside the legal issues that affect healthcare administrators.
  8. Health Law Prof: This professor can provide any healthcare MBA with the insight needed for more effective policy decisions.
  9. Health Care Law Blog: Learn about law in the healthcare industry, a helpful blog for healthcare MBA students.

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