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15 Q&A Sites About Healthcare

by admin on June 16, 2011

Learning about healthcare has become easy thanks to the web. If you’re looking for help on what questions to ask a doctor when you go in to an appointment or you’d like more information after being diagnosed with an illness, healthcare blogs and websites provide a bevy of knowledge for those looking to learn on their own. These blogs also cover the state of the healthcare industry in America and the trend we’re seeing in patient care.

  1. The Healthcare Blog This amazing blog will have you hooked. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to stay healthy or wondering just what’s going to happen to the healthcare system, it is packed with information on how to cut costs when coping with a terminal illness and the etiquette of healthcare professionals on social media sites.
  2. WSJ Health Blog The trusty Wall Street Journal has created this blog to keep you in the loop regarding healthcare news and major developments in the field. We love this healthcare blog because it talks about everyday health hazards (like cell phones), as well as information on new vaccines and filling prescriptions online.
  3. Science Based Medicine This blog examines the relationship between science, research and medicine. It talks about the healthcare system in terms of what can be done to be more effective without costing more (than it already does). This blog is a must-read for parents thinking about skipping vaccines because it goes into the history of vaccines and the fantastic strides that have been made to keep our society safe.
  4. Kevin MD Various doctors contribute to this site, giving you a taste of what it’s like to work in the healthcare industry today. From heartfelt stories to genuine concern to make things better for the millions of Americans walking around sans health insurance, this healthcare blog teaches you how doctors and nurses are doing their best to guide patients through a broken healthcare system.
  5. iHealthBeat At this blog, you’ll learn how technology is playing a major role in helping hospital staff and doctors’ offices work with and treat patients. Learn where the money is coming from to make these things happen and how small things like cell phones are making major changes for patients in remote areas.
  6. Reporting on Health This site boasts several healthcare blogs. Learn about health journalism, healthcare in overcrowded cities and developments that should help our healthcare system function more effectively for the masses. The doctors are candid in their blog posts, putting a face on the crisis going on in healthcare today.
  7. Fletcher Allen Blog This quaint blog is brought to you by a hospital in rural Virgina. It is loaded with health information on caring for yourself and your loved ones, plus what the hospital staff is doing to make patients comfortable. It is a great example of the humanity hospitals can portray by participating in social media to give clients an idea of what to expect from the staff.
  8. School Kids Healthcare Blog Paying attention to our nurses in schools is essential to fighting diseases and preventing epidemic outbreaks among our young. This blog talks about healthcare in schools and shows fellow school nurses how to cope with children suffering from ADHD, autism or the simple tummy ache.
  9. Healthcare Blog Law A healthcare lawyer writes this helpful blog that talks about the nitty, gritty details of healthcare law. It can be a touchy subject, but it’s important you know where you stand if you have a loved one that’s terminally ill. The goal is to have the government and healthcare community come together in a way that’s helpful for citizens and their well being.
  10. HealthBlawg At this blog you’ll find healthcare policy chatter. It also goes into studies on why patients stop taking med and what can be done about it. It’s all the healthcare news you can use wrapped up into a neat package that updated frequently.
  11. New America This blog examines healthcare in modern America. It tells you when policies are changing, what’s going before Congress and when to expect major changes. It also talks about controlling costs and making healthcare accessible for those struggling with addictions.
  12. Crossover Health This blog talks about insurance, healthcare policies and the slow process towards making prescription drugs affordable. Since many people take multiple pills, it’s important the discussion of cracking down on major drug companies is ongoing. Only if we’re talking about it can we bring change.
  13. Healthcare Technology Blog Healthcare technology is ever changing and this blog keeps you on the cusp of what’s happening. Learn how technology can play a role in changing our healthcare system for good, making it accessible and effective for everyone from doctors to patients.
  14. CDC For breaking healthcare news, including changes for vaccinations or outbreaks, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. While there are several reliable sources on the web for healthcare news, checking the CDC site periodically will give you a roundup of any groundbreaking news you should be aware of.
  15. Healthcare Collaboration This is a great read for learning about healthcare news and how healthcare professionals are coping with change. The blogger also does book reviews on books about the healthcare system and focuses on healthcare reform. It’s important to read about a doctor’s experiences from within the system because it gives us a clear understand that ultimately, we all want the same thing for the state of the industry.

Learning about healthcare is crucial, since most of us will have to face the beast eventually. These blogs and websites teach you how to take care of yourself, how to deal with serious illness in your family, and what changes may be headed your way so the medical community can provide you with the best care. There’s no easy way to make things right overnight, but law makers are listening to the healthcare community to make changes that will put us all on the path to a healthier future.