Masters in Health Administration & MBA in Healthcare Scholarships

The costs of getting a master’s degree in any field scare away many students every year. However, once you actually go back to school and get your degree, you’ll be qualified for more advanced positions that come attached with making more money. The hurdle you’ll have to jump is where to find the money for education now. Luckily, there are a number of financial aid sources for master’s degree students, and this is as true in the field of healthcare administration as in any other field.

One of the best sources for college money is the scholarship. Scholarships don’t have to be repaid, like you’ll find with student loans. In addition, they are based on merit, rather than on financial need, as with grants. That means that you can qualify for scholarships even if you’re already working in a healthcare administration position with your associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

There are a number of difference routes for getting a master’s degree in this field, but two of the most common are getting a masters in health administration (MHA) and getting a masters in business administration (MBA) in healthcare. An MHA allows you to focus more on the healthcare aspect, while and MBA in healthcare gives you a better business background. Both are valid choices for those wishing to work in this field, and with both types of degrees, scholarships are available.

You can find scholarships from a variety of sources, starting with private organizations like foundations, community groups, and so forth. Some of the organizations that may be able to help you with a scholarship for healthcare administration study include the following:

  • National Health Service Corps
  • The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals
  • O.C. Hubert Charitable Trust, CDC Foundation
  • Society for Public Health Education
  • Tylenol

Other private organizations offer scholarships available to all master’s degree students, not just those studying healthcare administration, so make sure that you also search for these options.

Along with private organizations, you can also check with your college to see if they offer any scholarships for students. Most have fellowships available for master’s degree students, which offer not only money for tuition, but also a small monthly stipend for living costs. In addition, many schools have positions for research assistance and teaching assistants. In these positions, you’ll have to do work for the money, but you can fund your education this way instead of struggling to make ends meet. Remember, check with your school’s financial aid office, but also check with the head of the healthcare administration department. There many be opportunities directly from the department based on alumni giving and other programs.

Scholarships, along with grants, student loans, and tuition reimbursement programs from your employer, can make it possible to go back to school without spending a dime. Check out all of your options before saying that getting an advanced degree is too expensive. You might be able to go to school for free, and within a few years, you could be making a much higher salary in a career you love.

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